Holy Mackerel
12 Jun 2018

Holy Mackerel

Post by Brentsica

After months of catching pesky barracuda’s and throwing them back in, we finally caught some fish worthy of eating! TWO King Mackerels. Mackerel are medium sized and true members of the tuna family. It’s an oily fish, so it’s loaded with Omega-3 which is why their raw flesh is a grayish color. We were slow trolling with “feathers” during our sail to Great Harbour Cay, in the Berry’s. Brent’s been so persistent on catching something and every time we’ve been underway, he puts the lines out and carefully watches. Well, today was our day! 🙂

For steps on how to fillet a Mackerel, I found this helpful article >>Here<<. While Brent was tending to our new fishies and washing the blood off the deck (yuck).

There’s a variety of ways to cook these, we chose to grill our fillets on the stove top. It was super easy and fast! Once cleaned, start with placing them flesh side-down and cooked for 2 minutes (1 min on each side). We drizzled some olive oil, sea salt, and a squeeze of lemon! From hook to table in two hours, talk about fresh and flavorful. Brent caught it, filleted it, and cooked us an awesome fish lunch!

With all the excitement of catching our King Mackerel, we forgot we were still trolling with another line and also hooked something but it got away. No idea what we caught but we know for sure it was big and heard some loud noises hitting the boat. Sadly, it got away with one of Brent’s favorite lures.

Really hoping we catch at least one tuna or grouper before we return to the US. Fingers crossed!

Cheers from the Bahamas! 

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Mary + Tharon June 18, 2018 at 4:46 pm -

Yum! These were the tastiest fish we had in the Bahamas this year. Excited to catch up with you both and hear more stories 😀

    Brentsica June 19, 2018 at 8:57 pm -

    It was fantastic! So excited we caught something, even if it was towards the end of our cruising season. Definitely will, hope your enjoying RV life this summer 🙂

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