Thunderball Grotto! A Beautiful surprise
9 Apr 2018

Thunderball Grotto! A Beautiful surprise

Post by Brentsica

Thunderball Grotto lies west of Staniel Cay. We were anchored off of Big Major Cay, next to Staniel, and dinghied over at low tide. Very popular time to go, so there were lots of guided tour boats but we anchored our dinghy off to the far right by some rocks (about waist high at low tide), took our time putting our snorkeling gear on and swam right in once it cleared up. The hype here is that its famous for two James Bond movies, Thunderball and Never Say Never Again were both filmed here as well as Into The Blue with Jessica Alba and one of my favorite Disney movies, Splash. Its no surprise Hollywood keeps coming back to this beautiful oasis.

There are a couple ways in and out of the grotto and honestly it doesn’t look like much from the outside but once inside it’s overflowing with schools of colorful fish, coral, and other sea life within a shimmering dome! The high ceiling has two natural skylights that allow pretty rays of light to shine through the crystal clear waters. By far the most impressive spot we’ve been to.

As we started to head back to the dinghy we saw some young kids climbing up to the top of the grotto and were jumping through the skylight holes into the water! Crazy! If this were 10 years ago I might of done it too! Haha. We did however just climb to the top to take in the incredible 360 view and get some pictures! We also captured some fun GoPro videos swimming through the caves and all the pretty sea life but we’ve been on the move so much that I haven’t had a moment to post any of those videos…soon 🙂

Cheers from the Bahamas! 

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