Exuma Land & Sea Park – Hawksbill Cay
30 May 2018

Exuma Land & Sea Park – Hawksbill Cay

Post by Brentsica

There are two mooring fields available here, we anchored at the North end to be closer to the trails and beaches we wanted to see. The charts show that there were 4 mooring balls here however when we arrived there was one and it was broken. We spoke with the park warden when he came by to collect our nightly fee and he told us that they are planning to put in several new ones but that they were stuck in customs.

Highlights from our overnight included the Layalist Ruins, The Russell family were loyalists who were given a grant to settle on the Cay in 1785 and was occupied until 1900 when the last resident, the husband of a granddaughter of the original Russell family, passed away on the island. The trail from the beach leads you to the remains of some tiny one room houses, made from sandstone and coral. Before reaching the sign directing you to Russell Ruins, the trail to the left leads you to the stunning Adler beach! During our hike, we saw one of the biggest hermit crabs. This guy’s shell was as big as my fist!

This is a very rocky trail, do not attempt this barefoot or in flip flops and come prepared with bug spray. We were viciously attacked by mosquitoes until we finally got over towards the beach side. But WOW, it was so freaking worth it!! We never get tired of seeing those Exuma blues!



Cheers from the Bahamas! 

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