The Questions I Get…
24 Jan 2018

The Questions I Get…

Post by Brentsica

So this might fall into the category of “touchy feely posts”. 😆

Hard to believe it’s been a month since I quit my job, sold my belongings, drove cross country, and took on an entirely new life and routine. Speaking of, I’ve been asked A LOT lately by family and friends, “Do you miss working”? “How are you doing? Are you adjusting”? “Do you even know how to sail”? All valid questions, and as we get closer to a departure date, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my journey getting here.


I’ll admit, downsizing in the beginning was pretty difficult. I’ve always been a sentimental person and like to save things with meaning. It’s funny how easily we attach emotions to things. Some are definitely worth saving but I was hesitant to get rid of everything. Items that really had no sentimental value, and I felt like I was giving away these little chunks of my life as I filled my trunk with “things” to donate. When it was all said and done, I felt lighter and decided to have a packing party with two friends. We sat inside my semi-empty studio apartment on a Saturday night, drank Pacifico and had some fun laughing at old photos and memories. In which I saved all my tears for dinner on my last night in LA.



So how do I best explain that I quit a stable job to travel, by sailboat, without sounding like a total lunatic? Well, on paper, life is great. I’ve had a fun and successful career with multiple opportunities, freedom, great apartment, and loving circle of friends. Now I wish I could just say I left on a quest to find myself but that’s not entirely true…I simply want to travel and see new places and learn some new things. When I say I want to travel I don’t mean stay at resorts and go on tours with tour guides or buy key chains from souvenir shops. I want to explore another country and become part of it. Even more so after I went to Paris last October. Gahh, I didn’t want to leave! And with the boat plans sorta looming in the background, lots of discussions, pros/cons list, and a few months of fantasizing about a nomad’s life free from cubicles and computer screens it felt like the right time to stop over thinking it so much (notorious over thinker) and do this! Adjusting away from a large city and corporate job hasn’t been so difficult. Don’t get me wrong, I miss LA. It’s my city and leaving my little bubble I think was the hardest part of this whole process…again, super sentimental…^^notice my candle 🙂


Job/career wise, even though I haven’t been in an “office” doesn’t mean I haven’t continued to learn and grow while away. It’s been a month and I’ll tell you what, having a boat is f**king hard work!!! It’s physically demanding but it’s been rewarding to see all the projects we’ve completed in such a short time and how it will contribute to our daily life aboard. I’m also sharing our experience online, which is such a vulnerable thing for me to do as I tend to be more private about myself, post, and definitely relationships. In two weeks, I purchased a new camera (Nikon D3400 Dslr – love!), brainstormed names, created a logo, purchased our .com, we built out the site and layout, learned word press, and created our social media accounts. I’ve only managed one, my own. Haha. I’ll admit it’s time consuming. But I’m here to have fun, write what I want to write, and document our experiences to the world as we embark on this unique journey. All with the possibility of being judged, both positively and negatively. I’d love for those to follow our journey and maybe even find some inspiration. We don’t have the most equipped boat out there but we love this old gal and I really don’t know all of the technical and mechanical workings of our sailboat (Brent does 😁) much less how to expertly sail. I can’t say it’s even on my list to become an expert but as our journey unfolds and we become full-time cruisers, I’ll continue to grow and feel more confident in my sailing abilities.


The world is out there for you to explore, you just have to go… now!


Cheers from the marina!

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